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Carl Aubock: The Workshop

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Carl Aubock: The Workshop

Founded in 1912, the Werkstätte Carl Auböck began as one of many workshops in Vienna specializing in bronze-casting. However, Carl Auböck II (1900-1957) was one of the very few Viennese students who attended the Bauhaus in post-World War I Weimar, and when he returned to the Workshop he brought inspiration from this new design movement. This book explores the expert craftsmanship and superior quality materials that remain the signatures of the Auböck Workshop and reveals their whimsical, modernist designs as prescient objets d’art.
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240 pages, with 400 color photographs
9.75 x 11.25 inches
Edited by Clemens Kois and Brian Janusiak; narrative texts by Carl Auböck IV; texts by Carl Auböck IV, Michael Boyd, and Patrick Parrish; with contributions from Sophia Lambrakis, Patrick Parrish, and Michael Boyd
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