Dynamic Denim:
The Weekend Wardrobe, Simplified

Photographed by Charlotte Wales

Tried, true, and available in infinite varieties, denim is the rare textile that gets better with age. The rugged fabric has a distinct dimension—the meeting of a colored warp with an undyed weft—yet whether faded, washed, bleached, or destroyed, jeans have a way of adapting to their sartorial surroundings. Play up their signature ease and personalized patina with cozy, cutting-edge knits made to wear all weekend long.

Keep weekend looks grounded with slip-ons made special by texture, from velvety suede to a furry loop of shearling.

Developed as riveted-for-strength workwear, Levi’s 501s are the five-pocket original, and vintage versions offer nuanced blues and a just-slouchy-enough “boyfriend” fit. Balance their cool tones and classic fit with warm ivory and modern details. Protagonist’s hand-knit turtleneck takes texture to an artful extreme, while new knits by Victor Glemaud transform familiar silhouettes with perforation and collage. “I want these sweaters to be something you can throw on that’s well-designed and that doesn’t feel precious,” says the Haiti-born, New York-based designer. “But I still want people to feel like they’re getting something special.”

The perfect denim shorts typically require sacrificing a favorite pair of jeans. Determined to spare yours from surgery, The Line collaborated with 3x1 and Jean Stories to create refined cutoffs. “The goal was to make shorts for women who love classic pieces and want to feel pulled together and smart, always,” says Jane Bishop, co-founder and creative director of Jean Stories. She refers to the tailored, high-waisted style as the “girlfriend” fit. “It’s more feminine, with a silhouette meant to mimic that of an A-line mini-skirt.”

Balance classic denim with artful knits distinguished by trompe-l’œil construction, deconstructed details, and “slashes” inspired by the canvases of Lucio Fontana.

Styling Vanessa Traina
Hair Bok-Hee at Streeters
Makeup Daniel Martin at The Wall Group
Model Lena Hardt