Natural Glow:
Fresh and Easy Summer Beauty

In the colder months, the propensity to layer often extends to beauty products: thick creams upon lotions upon serums, combined in an attempt to insulate against the elements. The advent of summer is the ideal time to pare down and start fresh. Reevaluating your daily routine with an eye to what’s necessary, effective, and able to withstand sizzling temperatures—and trips to the beach or pool—is a matter of focusing on multi-tasking products powered by natural ingredients that impart a healthy glow.

Deeply nourishing yet quick to absorb, essential oils can be an easy fix for sun-parched summer skin, hair, and nails. Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil combines 11 oils derived from flowers and botanicals into one fragrant, golden elixir that infuses skin with moisture and luminosity. “It gives skin an instant dewiness,” says creator Linda Rodin. “I think that’s the best part for me. After I put it on, I don’t look greasy or feel oily, just more supple and radiant. It’s kind of an instant gratification.”

A lightweight hydration step that has the added benefit of brightening is M.E. SkinLab’s Essence 27. Developed by Michèle Evrard, a trained pharmacist, the fluid restores moisture to the skin and stimulates cell repair. “It contains two hylaronic acids: one retains the water on the top layer of the skin and the other is smaller, so it penetrates deeper,” explains Evrard. “I also added vitamin C and an amino acid. These help stimulate the skin’s defenses but also vitalize the skin, so it has a real effect on skin tone.” Essence 27 provides an ideal base for an intense treatment step or simply a coat of sunblock.

When it comes to summer hair, humidity, chlorine, and saltwater can be a recipe for frizz and dullness: the opposite of the “shiny, fresh, healthy” strands that Sachajuan co-founder Sacha Mitic describes as his ideal. Add the Stockholm-based company’s Volume Powder dry shampoo to your beach bag for a freshening step that adds structure and strength. To restore luster, apply a few drops of Shine Serum, a concentrated formula that protects and repairs damaged hair. “When we see hair that shines, it goes beyond just looking shiny on the surface; it also applies to the feel and shape of hair,” says Mitic. “We want hair to look natural and manageable as well as feeling natural and manageable.”

When all else fails, grab a bottle of skin-cooling spritz. Susanne Kaufmann’s Harmonizing Moisturizing Spray blends Austrian herbs with nourishing silk proteins and ectoine, which helps the skin to repair damage from ultraviolet rays. Also hailing from the Alps is Evian Facial Spray. The travel-friendly brumisateur propels micro-droplets of mineral-rich water that are instantly absorbed to moisturize and hydrate. Summer glow accomplished.